2024 Playful By Design Symposium


The 2024 Playful by Design conference at the University of Illinois will be held on November 7-9th. Proposals are still being accepted!

Playful by Design is a local and global academic community of practice with shared and overlapping interests in game-relevant research, design, pedagogy, and technology. 

As a network, it welcomes multidisciplinary activities pursued by teachers, scholars, artists, designers, and 3rd space professionals, within their own disciplines and in their own ways. Through creative collaborations, the sharing of resources, the development of team-based studio work and other experiential learning, this approach facilitates the emergence of transdisciplinary and global aspirations among students and faculty. 

These aspirations include shared values of accessibility and inclusion, reflected in how we teach and conduct research, and in the design and creation of games, simulations, and other interactive and immersive experiences that address the critical shared challenges of our times.


We’re calling for talks that illuminate the ways in which games, gaming, and gameful learning are becoming integrated into teaching, research, and design practices, and how they are being applied across higher education. 

We’d like to invite you to share and showcase what’s happening in your departments, courses, studios, and labs right now, as well as what you imagine your work and the campus of the future may look like.